2. April 2019 | Barleben, Deutschland
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2. April 2019
Barleben, Deutschland
International Brokerage Event in Barleben

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International Brokerage Event in Barleben 2019


The international Brokerage Event on the 2nd of April 2019 in Barleben brings together companies, universities, research institutions, public administrations etc. from different European countries. The event offers a unique opportunity to make new business contacts and meet potential project partners. This event format is time and cost efficient and will lead you to success!

The B2B meetings take place in a dedicated area and are arranged in advance through this website.


For whom?

  • Industry 4.0
  • ICT (Robotics/ Artificial intelligence etc.)
  • Automotive, Mobility
  • Health Sector, Medical Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Resource and Energy Efficiency

Why participate?

  • Pre-planned meetings with companies, research institutions and other actors from Saxony-Anhalt and other European countries who are looking for new partners across borders.
  • Publish and showcase your products, services and specific your collaboration or business needs
  • Meet potential partners and technology providers with innovative solutions for joint research & development projects
  •  Expert contribution/lecture on the subject of "Digital Engineering”
  • Accompaniment by an interpreter (if required)
  • Catering (food and drinks


The event is free of charge!



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